Missouri KidsFirst welcomes feedback on our policy agenda.

2017 Policy and Engagement 

Missouri KidsFirst considers it an honor and privilege to advocate for Missouri children. We are excited to work with and engage a new Governor, Attorney General and many newly elected Representatives and Senators to create policy that protects and prioritizes children.

Our legislative priorities:
• Protect funding for Children’s Division to ensure that the Division has reasonable caseloads and sufficient staff to meet their statutorily required obligations;
• Promote access to evidence-based mental health services for traumatized children and children with problem sexual behaviors; and
• Trigger and mobilize a substantive, state-wide discussion about what it will take for Missouri to create the best child welfare system in the nation.

In addition to our priorities, we will also work to:
• Increase the state’s capacity to prosecute child abuse cases by funding a child abuse resource prosecutor;
• Support the implementation of House Bill 1877 and the forensic medical response to infant/young child abuse;
• Prompt and propel discussion on our state’s home-visiting programs, focusing on their ability to prevent child abuse;
• Promote trauma-informed schools;
• Support efforts to respond to human trafficking;
• Increase penalties for offenders who sexually abuse children;
• Ensure sufficient state revenue by supporting a streamlined sales tax.

Missouri KidsFirst welcomes feedback on our policy agenda. Please call 573-632-4600 or email Emily van Schenkhof at emily@missourikidsfirst.org if you have thoughts, questions or concerns.
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