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Empowering adults to protect children.


Missouri KidsFirst manages the SAFE-CARE (Sexual Assault Forensic Examination-Child Abuse Resource and Education) network. SAFE-CARE is Missouri’s medical response to child abuse.


Although we would like to prevent child abuse and neglect from ever occurring, we believe that adults must also be educated and empowered to recognize and react responsibly to child abuse.


Missouri KidsFirst advocates in the Missouri General Assembly for policies and statewide funding for programs that protect and prioritize the safety and well-being of children.


Missouri KidsFirst manages Missouri’s Child Abuse and Neglect, Mandated Reporter Training (free and online). We also provide in person mandated training to organizations for a fee.

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Missouri KidsFirst1 week ago
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Governor Parson signs omnibus education bill that will help protect children from abuse

JEFFERSON CITY (July 12, 2019): Missouri KidsFirst is pleased to announce that yesterday Governor Mike Parson signed House Bill 604 into law. HB 604 includes several important provisions designed to keep children safe from sexual abuse in schools and to hold school employees who commit sexual misconduct with students accountable for their actions.

“Schools should protect children from abuse and kids should be able to trust the adults in their schools,” said Representative Rocky Miller, who sponsored the provisions included in the final bill. “I believe our state’s children will be safer under this new law and I want to thank Governor Parson for signing it today.”

In an effort to prevent the hiring of employees known to have sexually abused students while working in other school districts, the law requires full disclosure between regarding employee violations of board policies related to sexual misconduct with a student. The law also requires school board members to receive training on child sexual abuse and for students in grades six and up to receive trauma-informed developmentally-appropriate sexual abuse prevention training.

HB 604 also extends the definition of those who can be found guilty of abuse to include any person who developed a relationship with a child through school, even if the abuse did not occur on school grounds or during school hours.

“It does not matter if the abuse happens in a school building or during school hours, a school employee establishes a trust-filled relationship with a child due to their role at the school,” said Representative David Wood, who sponsored the amendment. “This closes a loophole to current law and I am very happy to have played a part in the passing of this important legislation that will help protect Missouri’s children.”

“Schools must be engaged in child abuse prevention efforts and this law is an exciting step forward,” said Jessica Seitz, Director of Public Policy at Missouri KidsFirst. “We want to extend thanks to Representatives Miller and Wood for their steadfast leadership this year and to Governor Parson for signing this bill into law. We look forward to working with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and schools across the state to ensure its successful implementation.”
Missouri KidsFirst
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Something every parent should do!! #kidsfirst #greatchildhoods
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Missouri KidsFirst1 month ago
Congratulations to Beverly Tucker on 20 years with Children's Advocacy Services of Greater St. Louis.
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Missouri KidsFirst1 month ago
Happy to support Empower Missouri today at their luncheon in Kansas City. Empower Missouri's work is important in addressing many risk factors for child abuse including poverty, housing, health care and racial equity. Nicole Porter from the The Sentencing Project talks about mass incarceration.

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1 week ago
Schools must be engaged in #childabuseprevention efforts and this law is an exciting step forward.

Missouri KidsFirst Statement: Governor Parson signs omnibus education bill that will help protect children from abuse #moleg #KeepKidsSafe
1 week ago
With @GovParsonMO signing of HB397 we are bringing Missouri in line with federal law, giving additional tools to law enforcement to crack down on those that are selling and buying our children and taking another step to ensuring justice to victims of sex trafficking.
3 weeks ago
Supporting Students with Adverse Childhood Experiences:
How Educators and Schools Can Help @AFTunion
4 weeks ago
Excited to share that Missouri KidsFirst's Prevention Manager, Annie Wilson, will join @KellyDSchultz as a speaker at #Ignite2019! #ItTakesCourage
4 weeks ago
The impact of #childsexualabuse is devastating for survivors, but also affects those close to them, as well as the surrounding community. It is the root cause of many social and health issues and touches all of us in one way or another. #ItTakesCourage


Missouri KidsFirst primarily leads and supports communities in abuse prevention, provides training to multi-disciplinary team members engaged in child protection, and advocates public policies that address and prevent child abuse.

Missouri KidsFirst is not a 24-hour service provider and does not provide crisis services.

For immediate help, please call Missouri’s Statewide Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 1-800-392-3738

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