April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month!

Join us in bringing awareness to the importance of
community-based support for all children and families

In times of crisis and economic insecurity, rates of child abuse and neglect increase. COVID-19 has added stressors to the lives of parents and caregivers. As the Prevent Child Abuse Missouri Chapter, we saw a drop in child abuse and neglect reporting last year as children were more isolated than normal. We are still working to understand the pandemic’s repercussions for incidents of child abuse and neglect.

What we do know is that positive childhood experiences in nurturing environments provide a strong foundation for physical and mental health, learning, and social skills. We can build healthier, safer, communities that thrive if we work together to support families. So, join with us this April to support healthy childhoods and families!

Every adult is essential to creating better tomorrows for all children!
Learn how YOU are essential in preventing child abuse and neglect


Check out our Community Partnership Guide to learn how you and your community are essential in creating better tomorrows for all children!

YOU can support Child Abuse Prevention Month this April


Two of the best ways to prevent child abuse and neglect include learning as much as you can about the issues and talking about it in your community.

  • Missouri KidsFirst offers FREE mandated reporter training that is available to the public at protectmokids.com.
  • Hold a Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention training in your community. Click HERE to learn more!


One of the most visible ways you can show your support during Child Abuse Prevention Month is to participate in Wear Blue Day!

  • On April 1, 2021, simply WEAR BLUE and snap a picture of it
  • Send that picture out on Twitter (@MOKidsFirst), Facebook (@MoKidsFirst) or Instagram (@mokidsfirst) using the hashtags #WearBlueDay2021 or #GoBlueMissouri


Missouri KidsFirst will be hosting our annual Standing with Children Awards VIRTUALLY on Monday, April 26, 2021 at 12:00 pm.

  • Learn about the work of Missouri KidsFirst and hear from some of Missouri’s most dedicated child advocates.
  • Click HERE to learn more and register TODAY!


  • Follow us on social media! Look for prevention news, resources, and events.  Share with your neighbors, friends, and family- anyone who cares about children!
  • Share our Child Abuse Prevention Month Press Release with your local news organizations.  Click HERE to download.

About Prevent Child Abuse America

Prevent Child Abuse America is a leading champion for all children in the United States. Our success is founded on a nationwide network of state chapters and nearly 600 Healthy Families America home visiting sites, which directly provide parents and caregivers a wide variety of services and resources that help children grow up to be productive, contributing members of their communities and society. Our comprehensive approach is informed by science—we translate and disseminate innovative research to promote proven solutions that our vast network then puts into action. And we raise public awareness and advocate for family friendly policies at the national, state, and local levels to support transformative programs and promote the conditions and contexts that help children, families, and communities across the country thrive. Visit preventchildabuse.org to learn more.

Missouri KidsFirst became the state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America in 2010.  As the state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America, Missouri KidsFirst also works to promote great childhoods for all children by advocating for policies that help strengthen families and educating communities about the importance of safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for all families.

For immediate help, please call Missouri’s Statewide Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 1-800-392-3738

Missouri KidsFirst is not a 24-hour service provider and does not provide crisis services.

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