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One way Missouri KidsFirst accomplishes our mission of empowering adults to protect children is by serving as the accredited state chapter of the National Children’s Alliance. (

Missouri KidsFirst was created in 2002 by the state’s children’s advocacy centers to serve as their membership organization and provide statewide advocacy on their behalf, provide expert resources on child abuse issues, and training and technical assistance to child advocacy center and their multidisciplinary team members. In 2010, Missouri KidsFirst was accredited by the National Children’s Alliance as a state chapter.

As a state chapter, Missouri KidsFirst

  • Represents a collaborative effort among child advocacy centers, staff and our board of directors
  • Provides support services to children’s advocacy centers (CACs) and multidisciplinary teams (MDTs)
  • Assists with the development, continuation, and enhancement of the CAC model throughout the state
  • Facilitates a collaborative statewide network dedicated to a coordinated and comprehensive response to child abuse
  • Serves as a leading resource within the state in regard to child abuse issues and the children’s advocacy center model

Missouri KidsFirst is not a 24-hour service provider and does not provide crisis services.

For immediate help, please call Missouri’s Statewide Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 1-800-392-3738

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